Fun. Sweet. Sassy.

The Perks Series

Connor was her best friend. Could he be more?

There was a fine line between love and hate when it came to your brother’s best friend.
Jamie was a nice guy doing bad things. Like kissing every girl that would let him. Well, Bailey said ‘enough’! It was time to teach Jamie a lesson about kissing and meaning it.
For JJ, it was love at first sight. Now, he just had to convince his girl.

The Eastridge Heights Basketball Player Series

Drew never knew a jump shot could be so sexy!

She was a bookworm who didn’t want anything to do with a hot basketball star. Too bad he was her new lab partner.
She had one shot too keep him from becoming her new step-brother. But would it work?

Stand alone YA Romances

They used to be best friends, until she pushed him away. Can she get him to forgive her long enough to help her move on?
Can what started at the beach survive once school starts? Find out in Us at the Beach!